It’s often overlooked by business owners but government small business grants can be a great opportunity for Qld businesses to increase cash flow and gain much-needed support to grow.

The local, state and federal governments are currently offering various programs of financial assistance and grants to support small and medium businesses to continually improve and pursue growth.

If you have plans to invest in the development of your business this year it is definitely worth looking at what government grants are available and whether you are eligible.

Government Small Business Grants Currently Available

1) Entrepreneurs’ Program (Australian Businesses)

Co-funded grants of up to $20K

This is the Australian Government’s flagship initiative for business competitiveness and productivity. The program ensures businesses get the advice and support needed to improve their competitiveness, productivity and to seek growth opportunities. Support includes advice and co-funded grants to accelerate commercialisation, take advantage of growth opportunities and help you access the latest technology, research and innovations. MGI is working with a number of clients who have used this grant to fund our business advisory and growth services.

To be eligible you must turnover between $1.5 – $100 million (between $750,000 and $100 million for remote and northern Australian businesses) and operate in one or more growth sectors:

  • advanced manufacturing;
  • food and agribusiness;
  • medical technology and pharmaceuticals;
  • mining equipment, technology and services;
  • oil, gas and energy;
  • enabling technologies and services of the listed above
  • or satisfy the criteria to be a tourism business located in northern Australia.

In addition your business must meet one of the following:

  • be engaged in, or expanding your operations to be engaged in, interstate or overseas trade and commerce
  • a foreign corporation formed within Australia
  • a corporation for which trading or financial activities are a substantial or significant proportion of the corporation’s overall activities
  • a corporation or body formed under commonwealth law.

Learn more about the Entrepreneurs’ Programme grant.

2) Advance Queensland Accelerate Small Business Grants Program (Queensland businesses)

Matched funding of up to $10K

This is one of the government business grants for business owners that can demonstrate high growth and employment aspirations to engage a strategic adviser to work closely with them in their business. To be eligible you need to be a Queensland business that has been trading for 3 years, have a minimum turnover of $500,000, have a maximum headcount of 20 employees and be experiencing growth with a clearly defined growth opportunity. Learn more about the Advance Queensland Business Grants Program.

3) Advance Queensland Business Development Fund

Funding between $125K and $2.5M

The government offers co-investment for Queensland businesses undertaking groundbreaking research, ideas, products or services to help make their ideas a reality. Find out more.

4) City of Gold Coast Programs (Gold Coast businesses)

Growth Accelerator Program 

This program is specifically targeted at high growth businesses and will assist in identifying the critical steps needed to achieve the next growth phase – rapidly and sustainably. It equips businesses with an understanding of how to build a thriving business that is not reliant on one person and identify and overcome potential barriers for growth. MGI South Queensland has delivered this program for the last three yearsLearn more.

Lead for Business Growth

This session provides business owners with the leadership tools and knowledge to successfully lead their business towards continued growth. Learn more.

Market Identification Master Class

This master class will take you through a technical process to test and qualify your key target markets and the best channels to reach them. Learn more.

Emerging Exporters Program

This program helps local businesses to develop their export supply capabilities with the aim of developing export markets globally. Learn more.

Securing Council Supply Contracts

The City, as the second largest local government in Australia, undertakes substantial procurement. This session will provide you with information and updates on how to take advantage of local procurement opportunities. Learn more.

5) Brisbane City Council Grants (Brisbane organisations and NFPs)

The Brisbane City Council provides funding for not-for-profit community groups and creative industry initiatives. See an overview of what local government grants are available here.

MGI South Queensland have tax advisors and business consultants in Brisbane and on the Gold Coast who can help you navigate the various grants, determine which might be right for you to apply and assist you in the process.

MGI South Queensland can assist Brisbane and Gold Coast small businesses with tax advice as well as identifying and applying for appropriate government grants.

If you are a small business interested in applying for government small business grants and would like to know more about what programme’s MGI South Qld’s clients have been successful with contact us today.