Building a high growth business is one of the most exciting, but also risky, stages in a business lifecycle. Our Gold Coast and Brisbane small business coach will help you to kick your business goals by capitalising on opportunities and avoiding common business growth pitfalls.

Helping you and your business to reach your full potential is something that we thrive on! And we’re pretty good at it too!

A business mentor doesn’t just help businesses who are struggling. They are also there to help take your business to the next level. How do we do this?

  • We take the time to understand your business from the inside out.
  • We perform a thorough analysis of your current business metrics.
  • We ask the questions that you may not have considered.
  • We help you to clarify your business vision.
  • We work with you to put a plan in place to grow your business.
  • We keep you accountable in delivering the actions that we agree on.

In our many years’ experience as coach and mentor, small business owners frequently tell us that our process helps them achieve those lightbulb moments! We have worked with so many Gold Coast and Brisbane businesses and we know we could help you too.

Whether you’re looking for a small business coach in Brisbane or on the Gold Coast, we have an expert ready to help take your business to the next level.

Have confidence that there’s someone in your corner listening to your ideas, asking the tough questions and helping you to explore all the opportunities.

If you’re looking for a small business coach who understands all the challenges of not only managing the day to day logistics of running a business but also helps you navigate the long term plans for your company, give the team at MGI South Queensland a call.

How we can help

Know how well your business is really tracking

Understand the financial drivers of your business and how to improve your performance

Keeping you accountable

As a business owner, you’ll be balancing many competing priorities. We’ll keep you accountable and focused on your strategic goals.

Clarify your vision

We’ll help you to develop a compelling purpose and vision that clearly articulates why you exist.

Identify opportunities to maximise profit and business value

We’ll work with you to identify the top opportunities to grow the profitability and value of your business.

Avoid the perils of growing too fast

A high-growth business can be in dangerous territory, especially if they don’t have available cash flow to fund their growth. It helps to have someone looking ahead to your future needs.

Growth through acquisition

Make sure you go into an acquisition with your eyes wide open, knowing exactly what you’ve purchased and that you’ve paid the right price.

Financial health assessment and scorecard

A financial health assessment will help you to understand how your business is performing in key areas including profitability, liquidity, working capital, asset usage, efficiency, cash management, gearing and profitability. It will help you to:

  • Determine your business value
  • Uncover potential red flags to sustainable business growth
  • Develop strategies to improve performance and business growth

If you don’t know the best strategy to achieve sustainable business growth in your business contact our business coaching team today.

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One-to-one business coaching

One-to-one business coaching will keep you acountable for focusing your attention where it matters most, on the growth of your business.

As a business owner you will be pulled in many different directions and to many different priorities. Working with an MGI business coach will help:

  • Keep you focused on working on your business not in it
  • Provide a professional to bounce ideas off and provide insights
  • Make sure you take full advantage of all business growth opportunities

Our business coaching clients say that working with our business growth coach filled them with confidence when taking on uncharted territory.

Strategic planning

Ninety per cent of businesses with a growth rate of less than 5% have no documented and communicated strategic plan (MGI My Catalyst).

Clearly a failure to document a plan is holding businesses back from achieving their growth potential. Some of the biggest hesitations we hear are we don’t have time for a strategic plan, our business environment is changing too fast, and most business plans just sit in a draw anyhow. But if you don’t have a plan how do you know what route will get you to where you want to be. Our strategic planning sessions will:

  • Identify where your business is now, where it wants to be and the best route to get there
  • Guide your executive team to identify strategic priorities and growth opportunities
  • Develop a one page plan that identifies key actions and accountability

Looking for help with strategic planning? Call our business coaching Brisbane or Gold Coast team today.

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Exploring funding options for business growth

Support with business growth funding

There is often more than one way to fund business growth. We support you to achieve your funding goals by:

  • Reviewing all funding opportunities and perusing the best options for your business
  • Developing your funding pitch
  • Liaising with banks and other investors to support your funding application

Many businesses go straight to the bank to fund their next growth opportunity. Often however, there is a better opportunity that gets overlooked. Speak to our team today about how to fund your next business growth project.

Business Acquisition advice

Acquisition can be a successful growth strategy but if you don’t do your homework it can also create more headaches than it’s worth. Set yourself up for success. Speak to our team to make sure you understand:

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I found Grant’s approach very different to what I had encountered before. He was approachable but tenacious. He worked with me to break down what my weaknesses were and then he wouldn’t let me let it go. It was challenging but effective

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Want to learn more about business coaching and growth?

See our FAQs below, get in touch on 3002 4800 or fill in the form below to book a complimentary consultation with our business coach specialist.

How do you deliver your business coaching service?

Our business coaching service is a bespoke program developed to address each client’s specific needs. If you are embarking on an imminent and significant growth project you may benefit from one-to-one coaching sessions at regular monthly intervals. Other clients are looking for the confidence that comes with a quarterly or bi-annual review with an experienced business growth consultant. Speak to us today about your goals and we will develop a tailored plan specific for your needs.

What business coaching programs do you deliver?

MGI delivers private and public coaching programs to businesses across a range of industries including manufacturing, wholesale, retail, tourism and leisure, education and training and health. For more information on the programs we deliver contact our business coaching team.

How can I prioritise more time working on my business?

The challenge for every business owner is to spend more time working on their business and less time working in it. As a business owner you need to constantly be asking yourself: am I providing unique value? Focus your attention on those activities where you are and look to divest other activities to members of your team. An MGI business coach will help you review how you focus your attention and what projects to prioritise to sustainably grow your business.