When Should Clubs Re-Open For Business To Ensure Their Survival?

It has been a difficult time for the Hospitality/Clubs industry during COVID-19 over the past 3 months. With the recent roadmap released by Queensland Government for easing restrictions over three stages, many clubs are now faced with the challenge of when they should open to be financially viable.

Before you consider re-opening, you should seriously consider these questions:

  • Have you completed any financial modelling,  including break-even analysis to plan ahead and minimize your business risks taking the roadmap into consideration?
  • Are you opening just for the sake of opening, which may be negatively impacting your long term financial sustainability?

As specialists in the Hospitality industry, MGI South Queensland Accountants, Business Advisors & Auditors can help you make the right decisions about when you should re-open your club to make financial sense.

MGI South Queensland is offering a FREE 1 HOUR CONSULTATION with one of our experienced Accountants to help guide you make the right decisions for your club.