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What is budgeting and forecasting services?

Every successful business or organisation needs a plan or as the saying goes “fail to plan you plan to fail”

Business planning is so crucial in every organisation especially in these extra-ordinary times where business leaders are having to make difficult decisions daily.

Forecasting and creating your organisation’s budget become the “numbers” to your plan, supporting your strategic goals and the direction for the year of years ahead.

Every business no matter how small should be relying on their forecasts and budgets to make their business decisions. Cash flow forecasts allow you to have a good handle on what’s ahead in terms of cash. Having these reports and using them to measure your actual performance and position each month allows you to make better decisions as the “captain” of your business.

At MGI we go alongside our clients to support their business/organization in creating forecasts and budgets. This allows our clients to have targets that they can track their progress and are then able to pivot or chart a slightly different course to maximise opportunities and minimize threats to their business.

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How do we do this?

We align ourselves with your finance team and/or leadership and work with you in building their forecasts and budgets.

We do this in a number of ways either by working with you to review and update what you may have already started or by holding workshops with your team to develop and/or revamp your budgets.

We have developed budgets for our SME clients to our large not for profits. No business is too small to have a budget or forecast.

Call us and book a complimentary consultation on how we may be able to help your business create your map to navigate your business.

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