What are the key factors to optimise business value?

Value optimisation is all about growing business value. Value optimisation factors are issues within the business that can be planned for and addressed prior to selling that will assist in a smooth sale transaction at the optimum price. The key value areas for your business are growth, performance and succession. By focusing on optimising these areas, your business value will improve.

The path to value optimisation

The following illustration demonstrates the path you can take to optimise the value of your business.

Small Business Planning Image #1

Confused? How do I address these factors in my business?
Take a look at the following table that provides an indication of some of the industry best practice strategies that can be implemented to address these key value factors.

Screen Shot 2021 07 26 At 12.09.23 Pm
Screen Shot 2021 07 26 At 12.09.39 Pm

By addressing all of the above value factors, you will improve profit, improve the value of your business, and maximise your position when it is time to sell.

Some of the barriers to improving the value of your business and achieving your desired sale price could include:

  • Business being too principal reliant
  • Not spending enough time working on your business
  • Expenses out of control
  • Lack of client segmentation
  • Poor systems and processes
  • Unrealistic expectations about the value of your business

If any of these barriers are relevant to your business, these should be addressed. Contact your MGI advisor should you require any business coaching or help with business planning.

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