When most people think of a trip to the orthodontist they don’t envision sitting in a dental chair with sky to floor views of Alexandra headlands.

But that’s the exact environment MGI client Jamie Galbraith has created at his practice Symmetry Orthodontics.

“Going to the orthodontist or dentist is not a calm experience.

“Knowing that this is one of the main barriers to treatment I set out to create a completely different environment,” Jamie explains.

From the instant you walk up the stairs at Symmetry Orthodontics it feels welcoming. It is light and airy with spectacular views and a decor that embraces the laid back vibe of the coast.

“Creating the right ambience is so important to our business. It means that as a consultant I can make sure that I am hearing my patients and understanding their expectations and that as a patient you are open to listening and learning about the possibilities and limitations of the industry,” Jamie said.

“This is the key to establishing a successful relationship because expectations and outcomes are aligned.”

Accountant Jeremy Higgins with Jamie Galbraith standing in front of Symmetry Orthodontics banner

Disrupting the traditional approach of orthodontic practices

It’s not just the venue that is disrupting the traditional model of orthodontic practices at Symmetry Orthodontics.

Jamie is one of a handful of practices in Queensland that have adopted innovations from the American orthodontic market (the largest in the world) and brought them back home.

These innovations set a new benchmark for efficiency.

There are two technical innovations which Jamie says his practice has embraced.

“The first is the use of digital custom prescription and design of brackets and bracket position. The second is smart business acumen for efficiency, specifically how he organises their use of time and hiring correctly (get the ‘who’ right and the ‘what’ happens).

Before the braces or aligners are placed, Jamie biomechanically designs the case on the computer. This design is then manufactured to supply customised wires and brackets.

“This means that the treatment is really predictable and delegable. Rather than the traditional model where the orthodontist undertakes the full treatment, at Symmetry Orthodontics we have a dentist tightening the brackets, a therapist changing the bands, modules and wires and an assistant taking photos,” Jamie explains.

“We also operate in an open plan environment where we can move from one patient to another.”

This different approach means the business is performing leaps and bounds ahead of its industry. In the latest benchmarking analysis that MGI provided, it showed that Symmetry Orthodontics achieved more than double the net profit per principal than the industry average for orthodontic practices.

Support through thick and thin

In the early days Jamie and his team relied heavily on MGI to help them understand what was required in setting up the business and what needed to be done for bookkeeping and BAS.

As the business has continued to grow and face new opportunities and challenges MGI has been there to help them find solutions.

“MGI has a large client base of medicos and they have experience in a lot of common problems that we face in this profession,” Jamie said.

“It is very comforting to know that a problem might seem big to me, as an individual, but to MGI it is fairly standard and they’ll generally have the answers.”

Wealth creation

Jamie may be confident in his ability to set up a successful orthodontic practice but he is quick to admit that he has little idea on wealth creation.

“The next step for me is what to do with this revenue,” Jamie said.

“Do we look at buying the strata, do I set up a Self-Managed Super Fund, how do I protect my assets?

“I don’t have a clue and it’s not my area of expertise but I trust Cameron explicitly.

Symmetry Orthodontics front reception and staircase

Symmetry Orthodontics front reception area

“What I like best is that he is always straight to the point and he doesn’t stuff around. I am very time poor so that’s important to me.

“At the end of the day because I know Cameron is looking after my interests, I can keep focusing on my practice which is where my expertise lies.”

Would you recommend MGI to other medical practices?

Jamie’s response is simple.

“Yes very much so.”

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