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Corporate fraud costs Australian businesses hundreds of thousands of dollars each year – and these are just the instances we know about. Take a read of some of the fraud cases Australia has seen in recent years.

Fraud can occur in any organisation, no matter what size, industry or sector.

The good news is you can significantly reduce the risk of undetected fraud within your business by taking certain steps. Our extensive audit and assurance procedures assist in detecting errors or instances of fraud.

MGI's 2019 Corporate Fraud report will help you to:

Understand contributing factors in recent corporate fraud incidences
Learn how major incidences of fraud have been detected in the past
Learn key strategies to reduce the risk of similar fraud within your business
In the past few years we have seen clients uncover instances of accounting fraud, fraud by trusted people within senior management and external fraud. In some of these instances the fraud accumulated to a significant cost to the business.

Stephen Greene

How can we help:

Whilst we sometimes don’t like to believe it, the risk of fraud is ever present in all organisations in Australia. Knowing how fraud can impact your organisation is the first step in mitigating fraud risks, both against internal and external fraud.

This fraud report highlights the ever-growing risk of fraud in your organisation and is a must read for all business owners and leaders.