Girl Guides Queensland is a membership-based organisation, a charity that has been running for 100 years in Queensland with a focus on empowering girls and young women to develop leadership skills through non-formal education programs. As a small not-for-profit business, they engaged MGI to deliver IT services to help them deliver a key element of their strategic plan.

“The challenge that we spoke to MGI about was the need for us to be able to modernise our business. It was overwhelming but MGI was able to break that down and able to work what It systems were required.”

“I think one of the main ways in which MGI has differed has been the fact that they have been able to take complex technologies which are changing all of the time, and bring that back into what for me as a small business is a do-able, achievable and realistic agreement that we can have with a business partner. They are working for my business.”

“The other great part of working with MGI is that they have such a diverse business base, that they were able to bring all of that external expertise into the organisation.”

Kim Harrington, CEO, Girl Guides Queensland

Learn more about our work with Girl Guides Queensland in this video: