Are you spending too much time on accounting and tax compliance instead of more important jobs like growing your business?

Because our highly experienced team works in tax compliance every day of the year, we know exactly what needs to be done to meet your regulatory and statutory needs.

With MGI’s accounting services Brisbane and Gold coast businesses can be confident that you’re benefitting from the knowledge and experience of one of the leading accounting firms in South East Queensland. We take care of your business tax compliance needs leaving you with more time to take care of your growing your business.

How we can help

Make sense of reporting

Understand how well your business is really tracking and how this compares to industry benchmarks.

Avoid unexpected penalties

Accounting and tax laws are notoriously complex and fast-changing. We have the expertise to keep your business safe.

Get more time in your day

Accounting and compliance can be time consuming. But it doesn't have to be. Let us take care of this for you and free up your time for other important jobs.

Business tax returns

We help you generate tax savings through preparing and lodging your business tax returns. We work with you on:

  • Anticipating and budgeting for tax bills
  • Timely preparation of business tax returns
  • Maximising eligible concessions including small business tax concessions, tax concessions for primary producers and family business concessions
  • Maximising other tax reduction opportunities


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Personal Tax Returns / Income tax reduction strategies

We help you take full advantage of opportunities within tax legislation to minimise your personal tax liability. In preparing your personal tax returns we ensure you:

  • Maximise family tax concessions
  • Take full advantage of income tax reduction strategies including superannuation strategies
  • Anticipate and reduce capital gains tax

Business tax compliance including FBT, GST, CGT and payroll tax

As a business grows, keeping track of all the forms, financial statements and returns required by various government bodies can be a real nightmare. Our accounting and tax compliance team can manage all your regulatory obligations and ensure all related documentation is accurate and up-to-date. Let us take care of your:

  • End of year processing
  • Quarterly and annual financial statement preparation
  • Tax compliance including FBT, GST, CGT and payroll tax
  • Management reporting

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Computer screen showing funding

Cash flow analysis

Inadequate cash flow was reported by ASIC as one of the top three reasons for Australian businesses failures in 2015-16. Ensuring you understand and manage your business’ cash flow position is vital. At MGI we help you by:

  • Providing cash flow statements and forecasts
  • Helping you to understand your cash flow position
  • Suggesting strategies to better manage your cash flow

If cash flow is a problem in your business speak to an MGI accounting and tax consultant today.

Consolidated financial statements

Consolidated financial statements provide an insight into the overall health of your group of companies by aggregating the financial position of the parent company and its subsidiaries. MGI can assist by providing:

  • Consolidated statements of income
  • Consolidated balance sheets
  • Separate parent and subsidiary statements
  • Ownership calculations

Are you making decisions on behalf of a group of companies? Contact MGI to discuss how we can strengthen this process.

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We know we can always rely on MGI. Even when I have asked for something in the middle of the night, I get a response first thing in the morning.

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Why is it important to understand my business numbers?

Your business’ financial statements provide an insight into the financial health of your business. If you don’t understand your financial statements, or are not watching and managing key financial metrics you are flying blind.

Why have I received an unexpected tax bill?

Unexpected tax bills can be a significant drain on a business’ cash flow. If you find yourself in this situation it is because you have failed to monitor your profits and anticipate the likely tax bill. Speak to an MGI accounting and tax consultant about what changes need to be made to avoid an unexpected tax bill from occurring in the future.