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An Internal Audit To Help Improve Business Processes and Performance

As part of our audit and assurance services, MGI South Qld conduct internal audits for organisations across a wide range of industries and sectors. Evaluating and improving corporate governance, risk management and accounting processes is crucial to building a high performing business. And it’s not just about identifying where things aren’t working as efficiently as they could. A good internal audit can help you find opportunities to create efficiencies and ways to innovate.

Benefits Of A Good Internal Audit

The audit team at MGI have a breadth and depth of experience that means we can add real value for your business. Our internal audit service can:

  • Instill confidence and peace of mind in the Board of Directors and management team that strong internal controls and processes are in place.
  • Identify and mitigate risks that may not have previously been documented
  • Deliver optimised business performance and best practice efficiencies
  • Ensure compliance with laws and regulatory requirements
  • Identify opportunities for business efficiencies and improved processes

What Does An Internal Audit Cover?

To ensure that a comprehensive view of the internal processes is established, we undertake a thorough review of many areas of your organisation including:

  • Reviewing your corporate governance policies and procedures
  • Thorough risk assessment, risk management and development of risk strategies
  • Testing internal control processes
  • Detailed analysis of internal data and reporting

We can also support the Board of Directors and audit committee in:

  • Establishing an internal audit function within your organisation.
  • Conducting an independent evaluation of the current internal audit function
  • Providing support and advice to the audit committee

Industry Experience

Our Brisbane auditors have extensive experience of delivering audit and assurance services to a diverse range of organisations in the private, public and not-for-profit sectors including:

We offer a full range of audit and assurance services including compliance audits, external audits, forensic audits and audit reviews.

Read more about our industry experience and feedback from our clients or book a consultation to find out how MGI South Qld can help your organisation.