When you need to scale your business and take it to the next level, finding experts in business planning can be hard. After 2 years in business, Mike Kellett knew there was a bigger opportunity in the market for gluten-free and dairy-free plant-based health foods. Macro Mike engaged MGI South Queensland to help them achieve the level of growth they knew they were capable of.

“MGI has been a pivotal part of the growth with their understanding of the finances and where the business is going. We just feel really safe in their hands. We’re experiencing exponential growth and we don’t expect that to stop anytime soon. We were running blind for the first 2 years of the business we finally had a plan. From running blind we finally knew exactly what the goal of the business was and why we were doing it. They’ve helped give us direction in every area of the business. I feel very valued. They are always going above and beyond. They’re almost like an extension of our team.” – Mike Kellett, Owner & Founder, Macro Mike.

“The first time we sat down with MGI we did the Financial Scorecard and that was a lightbulb moment as we got to see all the business financials in one spot and that was the first time in 3 years we could see what we can improve. That was when we realised: these guys know what they’re doing, we need this skillset on-board!” – Laura Day, Business Development Manager, Macro Mike.

“We want you guys to be head of structure and direction in the business, because you guys are mind-blowing!”


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